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There are three main heating systems domestic homes have, a combi boiler system, an open vent heat only boiler or a system boiler. Here is a guide to understanding each system. Our Heating Engineers are on hand to assist with any questions or issues you might be having with your heating system or to provide you with experienced advice on which system to go for specific to your home and your needs. We work with and are accredited installers with all the main boiler manufacturers and have over 20 years’ experience in servicing, maintaining and replacing boiler systems.

If you need a boiler replacement in Haywards Heath or boiler replacement in Burgess Hill or anywhere throughout Sussex and Surrey we can advise you on the best option for you and your home providing great value discounts and extended warranties from our key boiler brand suppliers Worcester Boilers, Vaillant Boilers, GlowWorm Boilers, Ideal Boilers and Baxi Boilers. We have qualified accredited gas, oil and LPG boiler servicing, maintenance and installer heating engineers here to help you navigate your heating requirements. Call us today for a free no obligation quote for your boiler replacement or heating system installation.

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Conventional boilers and combination boilers

A combi boiler system

’Combi’ is short for combination boiler. This type of boiler heats water as you open the tap and provides central heating. It doesn’t need a cold water feed and expansion tank or a hot water storage cylinder because the boiler is connected directly to the water mains, meaning it only heats water as and when it is needed. A combi boiler heating system, is a great way to free up space for a loft conversion, or storage and just general living space. Larger homes that need more supplies of hot water to multiple bathrooms or en-suites are usually better suited to a system or open vent boiler with a hot water cylinder.

An open vent boiler system

An open vent boiler is also known as a regular or heat only boiler. The open vent heating system usually comprises of the boiler, a hot water storage cylinder and where required a feed and expansion tank in the loft. Open vent boilers can consistently supply hot water to a number of taps at the same time. This system is great if you need to replace an old open vent heating system but are especially great if you suffer low water pressure in your area. Additionally, open vent boiler systems are compatible with solar water heating and heat pump systems for a lower carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

A system boiler

System boilers require a cylinder to store hot water, but system components are built into the boiler itself, so there is no need for a cold water feed and expansion tank in the loft. System boilers can give a constant supply of hot water to a number of taps at the same time, without the need for a loft tank. So system boilers free up loft space and eliminate any concerns about leaks or frost damage. System boilers also work with solar water heating systems and heat pumps, leaving a great opportunity to incorporate renewable heating solutions.