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Boiler Guide

Sterling Plumbers installs only the best quality boilers from the leading brands of Worcester, Vaillant and Baxi.


Conventional boilers and combination boilers

A conventional boiler system is particularly suitable for a larger property. Hot water cannot be provided on demand with this system, it must be stored. The facility of a water tank allows pre-heated water to be stored so that it can be used by more than one tap at a time without loss of flow.  The combination boiler system provides hot water on demand, as it heats the water directly from the cold mains to taps at mains pressure. The combination boiler systems are usually more efficient as they only heat water as it is required, however a hot water will usually only flow from one tap at a time, so the combination boiler system would not be suitable for a property with more than one shower or bathroom.





What is a powerflush?

Power flushing allows for the flushing of sludge and other loosen corroded deposits that may lie in your pipes. Power flushing can improve the performance of your radiators. Your heating sysem may need a power flush if you find that some of your radiators are cold or partially cold, need frequent bleeding or there are strange noises coming from your boiler.



What are Thermostatic radiator valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves or TRV are used to control the temperature in each room. By using one you can adjust how much heat is produced in each room. Once each radiator reaches the set temperature the hot water flow to it will stop. Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to set different temperatures for each room of your house.



What is a System Filtration Unit?

A system filtration unit is a magnetic device that is attached to your central heating system to capture any sludge or corroded materials that may be circulating throughout your system. The system filtration unit will keep this material from damaging your boiler.